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Thursday January 28 2021 

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Coach's Corner

Jan 25, 2018, 3:32 pm


Varsity Head Coach: 

Tim Mays  

Cell: (805) 886-0131  

email: timays@yahoo.com


JV & Varsity Assistant Coach:

Ed Pacula


Tim Mays Indoor Volleyball Playing, Coaching, and Reffing Experience
Jan 25, 2018, 3:27 pm

Playing Exp: Setter for Edison HS '95 (2nd Team Sunset All-League), Rip It Up VolleyBall Club, Kokoro VBC, Orange Coast College (Redshirt), Irvine Valley College, Santa Barbara City College (State Semifinals), & Westmont College Men's VBC ('99)

Coaching Exp: Westmont College Mens's VBC, Oaks Christian HS, Newbury Park HS, Shoten VBC (Oxnard), Rise VBC (Ventura & Thousand Oaks), and Pacific View League's Boys Volleyball 2019 Coach of the Year

Reffing Exp: 20 years experience Reffing both Girls & Boys High Schools for Channel Coast Volleyball Officials Association; Rated C1; Serve on Board of Directors

2018 VHS Boys Volleyball Cougar Code of Conduct
Jan 22, 2018, 1:16 pm


Boys Volleyball honors the Ventura Unified School District Athletic Code of Conduct (see Links) as well as the code of conduct outlined in the Ventura High School 2017-18 Student Handbook (see Links).
As representatives of both Ventura High School and their community, we expect our student athletes to…
…Complete paperwork or online steps to be ‘cleared to play’  www.RegisterMyAthlete.com
…Arrive early enough to pitch in and help set up the nets for practice
…Arrive before the Frosh/Soph home match to help set up
…Wear appropriate uniform, athletic socks, & gym shoes (vball or bball)
…Agree not to leave gym until equip. out, must be put away properly
…Maintain min. 2.0 GPA to be eligible to play (per school probation & ineligible list rules)
…Attend all practices, matches, and tournaments  (see below)
…Score-keep, stat-keep, and referee matches as required
…Never leave a match or gym area without authorization  (see below)
…Reimburse the volleyball program for any lost/damaged uniforms or gear
…Participate in organized team fundraising events
…Respect school property by never leaving trash or chewed gum in gym
…Refrain from wearing jewelry or earrings during matches (NFHS rule)
…Treat teammates, opponents, coaches, and referees with respect
…Understand they can be suspended or removed from the program for repeated inappropriate behavior
Attendance Policy:  We do realize your son has other commitments in life that may conflict with our schedule.  We will be happy to have your son whenever we can, but keep in mind that missing time like any class may lead to falling behind and missing out on building team chemistry which is vital to our success on the court.

Leaving Early:  For their safety, your son will not be allowed to leave the gym area early without permission.  Your son is not permitted to leave at an away game (should be returning with us on the school bus) without a signed note given to the head coach and must leave with an immediate family member after seeing coach.  If he leaves a home game early it will require a family member or note.

As representatives of Ventura High School and their community, we expect our student athlete’s parents to…
…Help their student athlete arrive early for practice & home games to help set up
…Volunteer to help work at the snack bar during our home games
…Be respectful to our officials, players, & opponents during games
…Allow their son to approach coach first about playing time & related issues
…Make an appointment with the coach about any unresolved issues
…Reimburse our program for son’s missing or damaged uniform or gear
…Understand their son could be suspended or removed from our program for repeated inappropriate behavior