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Coach places available to the London Marathon
Mar 4, 2012, 2:25 pm

Hart Road Runners have some spaces available on their coach taking runners up to the London Marathon.

The coach leaves the Hart Leisure Centre at 6am and drops runners at the coach drop off area in Greenwich Park.  The return pick-up point is from the Embankment and is usually at around 5pm or sooner if all runners have returned to the coach.  The coach is a 47 seater, with on board toilet facilities!  Always important for the runners!  Individuals can leave bags on board if they need to, the coach is always manned.

The cost of the coach is £20 and includes a picnic on the Embankment.

If anyone is interested email Penny and I will tell you how to book a place.

accident last tuesday at Quetta Park
Mar 2, 2012, 6:12 pm

From Mickael

This quick email to thank you all for your help, following my fall on the speed bump in Quesar park on tuesday. Thanks particularly to George for first aid cover, and Roger and Iain who took the time to drive my car back to my home and me to A&E in Frimley 

It was a great display of empathy and kindness from all of you for what remains a stupid mistake of mine... I have run over this speed bump many times in past sessions and Dave reminded us to look out for it only 15 seconds before.

" as the wise man points his hand to the moon, the idiot watches his finger " chinese proverb, not sure who from, maybe Confucius..." definitely fitting the situation though as i ignored the wise man advise

I have now fractured the top end of the humerus on my left arm, at the junction with the shoulder, and after 6 hours in A&E i am in an arm sling for three weeks. Next week back to hospital and i will know if surgery is required or just physio. This is my 3rd running related injury in 7 months so i start to think that running may be a dangerous sport after all...

I have a spare entry for Fleet half now if anybody is interested











2012 F&C Road championship
Feb 28, 2012, 10:11 am



2012 F&C road championship events soon to be announced!

The first race in this year championship will be the Fleet Half Marathon on 25.03

Fleet and Crookham road championship is based on 10 races of varying distances run between March and October. Most are on road, but there is the occasional summer trail run included as well as we all love these. The point system takes in consideration ages and Personal bests and reward consistency, progression and ability to run all distances from 5 miles to Marathon, rather than just rewarding outright finishing positions. There are some new races added each year to make it more interesting and all races are within a 25 miles radius of Fleet so we aim to get maximum turnout of members on these races, flying F&C colours high locally, and taking nice photos of our team for the website (make sure you wear your F&C vest)

Last year winners were Anita Salter overall F&C and women category winner, and Robert Cornwell men winner. Let's see who will raise the trophy in 2012...





Winchester 10k
Feb 26, 2012, 11:19 pm



Today was held the Winchester 10k in beautiful weather. A scenic ondulating rural route north of our County town. There were 750 runners and at least 1 F&C (possibly more but the sports concept website does not list properly the teams in the results section)

Mickael Hegesippe 19th (3rd M40)



Hurstbourne 5 Trail Race
Feb 21, 2012, 3:00 pm

If you like the off-road trail runs, why not have a go at the Hurstbourne 5 on Saturday April 14th.  Starting at 11am this challenging off-road run takes you through the beautiful North Wessex Downs (near Andover),starting in the village of Hurstbourne Tarrant and following part of the Test Way through woodlands and farmland.

See www.hbt.org.uk/Hbt5Race.html for more information


Wokingham 1/2M Results
Feb 21, 2012, 2:05 pm

Well done to the following F&C AC runners who took part in the Wokingham Half Marathon last Sunday.

Nick Holmes (o50) 1:32:50
Adam Holmes (o50) 1:41:40
Elaine Bradshaw (o50) 1:47:27


UKYDL summary
Feb 20, 2012, 11:19 pm

I headed over to Winchester tonight for the consultation from UKA regarding the proposed UK Young Developer league (UKYDL), the meeting started at 18:45 and finished at 21:00.


I found some details of what they were proposing in Athletics Weekly - I'd not seen the document they mentioned at the end of the article despite searching UKA.org.uk.

In brief the UKYDL is to replace the National Young Athletics League (NYAL) [which F&C AC currently compete in] and the National Junior Athletics League (NJADL).


One of the main focuses at the consultation was getting more U17 and U20s involved in athletics while at the same time getting the same age group to compete less - the ongoing concern is that U17 and U20s are competing too much.  I was unable to comment on behalf of F&C AC, but I don't believe this is an issue for us.  In addition their was concern raised by those present that combining U17 and U20 events and allowing only one scorer per club didn't encourage club teams to take part.  Another concern was that Athletes have to travel back to their clubs from College/University rather than compete for their Uni/College, again I don't think that concerns us - does it?


A large emphasis of the evening was the schedule for events.  One of the early proposals was to have U13 & U15 on say the Saturday and the U17 & U20 the next day; Sunday.   This had had a lot of comments at previous consultations and the same reaction here.  While it may appear at first glance to be a good idea concerns are that clubs wouldn't be able to provide officials / helpers to cover both days.  That coaches and parents with youths in both age groups might not be able to attend both days.  Particular concern was raised for the U17 and U20 whom would likely not bring parental support which most clubs rely on to help officiate (rake, mark, hold measuring tape, etc).


Those present echoed our concerns that currently there is too little competition for the U13 and U15.  Athletes may travel rather far to simply take part in one or two events (the maximum number of events is capped at 3 events plus the relay in NYAL).  Also only two scorers are allowed per club and no non-scorers are permitted which does not aid athletes wanting to try competition.  For this it was suggested attending local events or open events It was suggested from the floor that perhaps mini leagues on-the-day could occur for some events.  Though it was wondered how that could be fitted into the time table.  Another concern was that high jump starts to low - meaning higher jumpers may have as many as 14 jumps! [Though I have seen some Athletes inform the official that they would start jumping at a certain height only - perhaps that's the answer there].


Typing up now I realise that the U11s were not mentioned which I believe currently are represented at NYAL, at least our web site suggests that's the case - Junior training.

If you have concerns or thoughts then you can contact UK Athletics via ukydl@uka.org.uk, I shall post this summary on to them.


Its way gone 11pm - night folks.

Stacey Marshall - Junior Coach and Coaching Warden.

New - Childrens Coach course
Feb 19, 2012, 11:16 am

Banner - NewChildrens Coach courses avaible, furhter information available on the Volunteers page, under Coaching sub menu.

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