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UKYDL summary
Feb 20, 2012, 11:19 pm

I headed over to Winchester tonight for the consultation from UKA regarding the proposed UK Young Developer league (UKYDL), the meeting started at 18:45 and finished at 21:00.


I found some details of what they were proposing in Athletics Weekly - I'd not seen the document they mentioned at the end of the article despite searching UKA.org.uk.

In brief the UKYDL is to replace the National Young Athletics League (NYAL) [which F&C AC currently compete in] and the National Junior Athletics League (NJADL).


One of the main focuses at the consultation was getting more U17 and U20s involved in athletics while at the same time getting the same age group to compete less - the ongoing concern is that U17 and U20s are competing too much.  I was unable to comment on behalf of F&C AC, but I don't believe this is an issue for us.  In addition their was concern raised by those present that combining U17 and U20 events and allowing only one scorer per club didn't encourage club teams to take part.  Another concern was that Athletes have to travel back to their clubs from College/University rather than compete for their Uni/College, again I don't think that concerns us - does it?


A large emphasis of the evening was the schedule for events.  One of the early proposals was to have U13 & U15 on say the Saturday and the U17 & U20 the next day; Sunday.   This had had a lot of comments at previous consultations and the same reaction here.  While it may appear at first glance to be a good idea concerns are that clubs wouldn't be able to provide officials / helpers to cover both days.  That coaches and parents with youths in both age groups might not be able to attend both days.  Particular concern was raised for the U17 and U20 whom would likely not bring parental support which most clubs rely on to help officiate (rake, mark, hold measuring tape, etc).


Those present echoed our concerns that currently there is too little competition for the U13 and U15.  Athletes may travel rather far to simply take part in one or two events (the maximum number of events is capped at 3 events plus the relay in NYAL).  Also only two scorers are allowed per club and no non-scorers are permitted which does not aid athletes wanting to try competition.  For this it was suggested attending local events or open events It was suggested from the floor that perhaps mini leagues on-the-day could occur for some events.  Though it was wondered how that could be fitted into the time table.  Another concern was that high jump starts to low - meaning higher jumpers may have as many as 14 jumps! [Though I have seen some Athletes inform the official that they would start jumping at a certain height only - perhaps that's the answer there].


Typing up now I realise that the U11s were not mentioned which I believe currently are represented at NYAL, at least our web site suggests that's the case - Junior training.

If you have concerns or thoughts then you can contact UK Athletics via ukydl@uka.org.uk, I shall post this summary on to them.


Its way gone 11pm - night folks.

Stacey Marshall - Junior Coach and Coaching Warden.

New - Childrens Coach course
Feb 19, 2012, 11:16 am

Banner - NewChildrens Coach courses avaible, furhter information available on the Volunteers page, under Coaching sub menu.

Marshals needed
Feb 14, 2012, 11:56 am

If you are not running the Fleet Half Marathon or have friends or family who are available, please volunteer to marshal/help at the event.  We have 125 marshals positions and although we are well on the way to filling all spots, we do still need more.

Email Chris or Huw (chris.duncalf@yahoo.co.uk or huwwendy@yahoo.co.uk) and let them know you can help.

Many thanks

Bramley 20 Mile Results
Feb 14, 2012, 11:50 am

Well done  to the following club members for their runs at Bramley on Sunday - must have been a cold run  guys! Penny


Nick Holmes (050) - 2:35:57
Adam Holmes (050) - 2:40:04
Doug Murray - 2:47:21
Richard Simpson (060) - 3:56:20

Frimley Park Run Results
Feb 5, 2012, 3:28 pm
Results for Frimley Lodge parkrun, event number 104, 28/01/2012.
260 participants completed the run 28/01/12. The first male to finish was Mark SYMES (M) in a time of 00:17:34. The first lady completing the course was Charlie ARNELL (F) in a time of 00:20:53. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here:http://www.parkrun.org.uk/frimleylodge/results/latestresults.
The following club members participated:
7 Mickael HEGESIPPE 00:18:27
19 Jonathan CAPEL 00:20:04
95 Elaine BRADSHAW 00:24:48
138 Evelyn FARRELL 00:26:38
151 Susan CAPEL 00:27:27
Results for Old Deer Park parkrun, event number 66, 28/01/2012.
33 participants completed the run 28/01/12. The first male to finish was Bruce MCLAREN (M) (Ranelagh Harriers) in a time of 00:19:51. The first lady completing the course was Alice HECTOR (F) in a time of 00:19:25. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here:http://www.parkrun.org.uk/old-deer-park/results/latestresults.
The following club members participated:
5 Geoff NEWMAN 00:21:11

Lord Wandsworth XC Sunday 5th Feb is CANCELLED
Feb 4, 2012, 5:32 pm

Please note this cross country race has been cancelled due to bad weather.

Lord Wandsworth XC CANCELLED 5th February

Welcome to our new members
Feb 2, 2012, 2:45 pm

A big warm welcome is extended to our 3 latest new members:

  • Arthur Donnelly
  • Rex Amos
  • James Gray

Welcome to Fleet & Crookham AC and we hope you enjoy training, racing and socialising with your fellow club mates.  Smile


Peter Driver Development work commencing February
Feb 2, 2012, 12:50 pm

Crookham Parish Council have informed us that the developer that is building a nursing home on the site of the old Shotts night club and some of the current car park area will be starting work mid February.  They will be building a new car park on the site of the old bungalow and also building a new five a side in between the two football pitches.  It is likely that the exisiting five a side will have to be reduced in size by approx. 6 metres (the fence will be moved in) to allow room to move the surface water drain and to give access for construction vehicles.  The disussed long jump pit and runway will also go.

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