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Virgin London Marathon Club Results
Apr 22, 2012, 6:27 pm

A big "Congratulations" to our club runners who took part in the London Marathon today.


Nick Holmes - 3:13:55
Doug Murray - 3:23:10
Neil Petrie - 3:31:55
James Stevenson - 3:40:47
Roger Knight - 4:17:34


Well done and now have a good rest!  Penny

Fleet & Crookham AC goes to Helsinki
Apr 22, 2012, 2:01 pm

Last weekend, John Dickinson and Andy Smerdon competed in the World Indoor Ultra Multievents Championships in Helsinki. Tempted by the possibility of a UK-hosted double decathlon in the summer, we figured this would be an ideal pre-season warm-up. The event, known as the Tetradecathlon, comprises two days of competition with seven events each day. It was held at an excellent indoor arena, just 20 minutes tube ride from Helsinki centre. However, the two hour time difference and 8 am registration meant an uncomfortably early start on day 1.


The event began relatively gently with a 60m sprint. As it was my first event under IAAF rules, I was taken aback by the starter’s ruling that I could only use a crouch start if I used blocks, or otherwise I’d have to take a standing start. So I quickly arranged some blocks to be in about the right place, and went on to set a personal best, leaving me for the only time during the weekend leading my age group.


Next was the long jump, and then the hard work started, with an 800m, followed by shot put and 400m. I’d only run 800m once before, and both track events were unfamiliar on the tight 200m oval. The differences between John’s recent track practice and my lack of training were starting to show, as he met his targets, and I just managed to keep ahead of my worst-case scenario.


After the high jump, only the 3000m remained to close out day 1. I put on my brand new distance spikes, set my stop watch, and pounded 15 times around the track to finish in my target time. When I stopped, I realised the error of my ways, as my calves had taken a severe beating. I should have stuck with trainers as there were still another seven events to complete.


Back at the hotel that evening, I knew what to do. Athletes always have an ice bath. Well I thought ice was taking things a bit far, so I filled the bath with cold water and stood in it, ankle deep, for about 20 seconds, before the pain of being in Helsinki’s cold water got the better of me. Surely a little hot water wouldn’t go amiss. Finally I lowered myself in and sat and shivered for 10 long minutes before the cold and a growing hunger forced me out.


I’d been to Helsinki several times on business before, and recalled past drinking marathons that ended with me tipping beer into plant pots to pretend I was keeping up. However, a night out with ultra athletes was quite different: I couldn’t keep up with their food intake! As the plates of pasta and chips were consumed, there was talk of burgers and minibar snacks to round up the evening, and I had to retire early to recover for the next day.


Day 2 was always going to be hard. I survived the 60m hurdles not only intact but with another PB, but then turned in a personal worst in the pole vault. My personal highlight was the 1500m. I set out to lead the race with a time in mind, and had a fantastic boost when, after three or four laps, the commentator announced “Great Britain are in first and second positions” at which point I knew that John was on my heels, and could als experience the pride of running for Great Britain! Unfortunately a lap later he took over the pace, and I couldn’t quite hang on to him for the finish.


Then came the weight throw. The weight is a bit like a hammer, but twice as heavy at nearly 16kg. Competitors happily stood within a few metres of the throwers, with no cage in sight, as a variety of techniques were used to haul the ball and chain into the throwing area. Sadly I realised too late that this event required some serious practice, and turned in three pathetic efforts.


With fingers crossed, I started the triple jump with calves screaming. I hoped one jump would be enough, but I wasn’t happy with the result. As John collapsed in pain the pit after a bad landing, it looked for a moment that it would all end in tears for him, though he had achieved the distance he was looking for. I pressed on and finally achieved my third PB of the competition on the last jump. Fortunately John’s knee was still working, and my legs had held out.


A mere 5000m now stood between us and our first tetradecathlon finish. After a lonely run turning out 25 stopwatch timed laps, and finishing only a few seconds short of my outdoor PB, it was all over. Sadly neither of us won medals, but John came within 100 points of the previous world record and broke the 400m and 800m event world records. Unfortunately for him, there was a titanic battle between two other Brits in his age group, with the world record being smashed by Andy Waddington from Basingstoke and Brian Slaughter from Eastbourne finishing a close second.


After the awards ceremonies, we all hobbled out to the tube and winced painfully down the station steps, reflecting on a brilliantly organised event, our own personal achievements, and all planning to return in a year’s time.


Results: http://www.icosathlon.net/results/worldindoor2012.txt

Andy Smerdon.

John - Pole Vault

Andy - 400m

John - Hurdles

Andy 800

2012 F&C Road championship
Apr 5, 2012, 3:19 pm


Please review the fixtures section for the 2012 fixtures of the road championships



Fleet Half Marathon - Club Results
Mar 31, 2012, 4:55 pm

A big thank you to everyone who helped last weekend (including our Juniors) and a big well done to those who ran - I hope you had a good day.

As a club I think we can again be very proud of ourselves - it was a great day.  There will be a few things we can continue to improve on but from feedback I have had so far, I believe we did ourselves proud.  If as runners you noticed anything on the course we could do differently - let Penny know.  I will be asking the organising team exactly the same and we will put it all towards making next year even better.

The club results are as follows:

Neil Petrie - 1:29:21

Nic Holmes - 1:29:54

Anita Slater - 1:32:51

Simon Reed - 1:34:01

Jon Capel - 1:35:04

Dominic Lobo - 1:36:14

James Stevenson - 1:36:35

Ian Duncan - 1:37:42

Adam Holmes - 1:40:20

Bob Cornwell - 1:42:13

Ryan Dodd - 1:42:51

Rex Amos - 1:43:22

Janet Leggett - 1:43:29

Roger Knight - 1:44:32

Elaine Bradshaw - 1:46:03

James Gray - 1:47:34

Rob McKee - 1:48:07

Colin Church - 1:50:40

Debbie Pagan - 1:51:55

Christine Port - 1:52:56

Simon Port - 1:52:27

Colin Griffiths - 1:54:59

Holly Cartlidge - 1:55:36

Gillian Barrett - 1:55:56

David Wainhouse - 1:57:12

Andrew Beattie - 2:01:59

Aimee Hemming - 2:08:45

Andy Salter - 2:09:49

Marcus Chillery - 2:25:54

Richard Simpson  - 2:43:48

Well done everyone! Penny

Sunday Training Runs - Meet 08:30 at Peter Driver
Mar 30, 2012, 9:17 am

We are trialling continuance of the Sunday morning runs with a fast group and slower group meeting at Peter Driver by 08:30. The next run will be on 29th April. We still need volunteers to lead the groups: David Long's Group Leader Table will be posted as soon as we have the names. Please use the Forum to post your views and suggestions. Bob Cornwell.

Southern Counties Veteran's Track and Field
Mar 29, 2012, 10:46 pm

The programme for the 4 meetings for this year has been added to the Fixtures Section. Please put these dates in your diary. 

2012 road championship
Mar 28, 2012, 8:12 am



Well done to everyone who took part in the Fleet half marathon. This was the first event in our 2012 road championship.


The second event was to have been the Bracknell Half Marathon on 29th April but entries are full. The 2nd event is now the Alton 10 miles to be held on Sunday 13th May.

2012 Fleet Half Marathon
Mar 26, 2012, 7:58 pm

A huge well done to everyone from the club who took part in the Fleet Half Marathon yesterday. As a club we must be very proud of our achievement with the race.


Members of the club organised, ran, helped out over race weekend, marshalled and cheered the runners on – whetever you did, thank you and well done!


A tremendous amount of work goes into organising this event – with the process starting some 6/7 months in advance of the day. Some of the work over the race weekend is very physical and it never fails to amaze me the energy people still show after the event is complete and all the packing away still has to be done.


As a club we had some great results. We had a large number of runners taking part – and equally a large number of runners give up their opportunity to run to help put the race on. For a small club we put on a huge event and we do it well. It was great to see some of our new club members out in their club kit and part of the team – we hope you enjoyed it.


Feedback on the Runners World website has been very positive. There are still some things we can do better and we will consider these in our post-event meetings and when we start to plan the 2013 event – but we do put on a race that people want to do year after year. There were some very fast times up the front this year which was great to see. And a world record was broken by the knight in armour – he was very hot and tired when he finished.


Don’t forget to buy the Fleet News this week for the 8 page special....Some photos are already on our website thanks to Andy Smerdon and Evelyn Farrel.


Keep up the running! Penny

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