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Latest road and parkrun results
May 22, 2013, 8:46 am

Parkrun 11.05: 18-Mickael Hegesippe 19:18 / 20-Tom Barton 19:28 / 139-Annabel Davidson 24:30 / 185-Beltham Marie Howard 26:38

Parkrun 18.05: 19-Mickael Hegesippe 19:33 / 49-Geoff Newman 21:38 / 51- Tracey Davidson 21:51 / 136 Cautriona Farrell 25:33 (PB) / 137 Ciaran Farrell 25:34 / 138 Rich Jackson 25:36 / 177 Evelyn Farrell 26:50 / 241 Danielle Jackson 29:06

Hook 6 (19/5): Women cat: 10-Penny Abbott 46:23

Hook 10 (19/5)

Women cat: 22 Elaine Bradshaw 1h21.49 / 35 Gita Kelsey 1h25.53 /

100 Susan Capel: 1h44.40

 Men cat: 28-Tom Barton 1h06.41 / 31-Simon Thompson 1h07.01 / 59-Dominic Lobo 1h10.48 / 64-Jonathan Capel 1h11.08 / 122 Robert Cornwell 1h20.09 / 180-Kevin Abbott 1h29.19                       

Penny's Comms for May
May 13, 2013, 10:23 am

With some welcome contributions from club members, Penny has put together another mammoth comms. edition for May which may be viewed HERE.

April's Bumper edition is HERE.

F&C results
May 8, 2013, 11:50 am

 4th May: Southern mens league
F&C were 4th in the team combined finish.

 5th May: Frimley Park 10k
20th: Mickael Hegesippe. 40 min 26 s
Total runners: about 700

 6th May: Shinfield 10k ( F&C road championship event 2)
48th: Mickael Hegesippe: 40 min 08 s
Total runners: about 800

Date for your diaries
Apr 13, 2013, 10:02 am

Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) and award presentation will be held on 24th November at the Memorial Hall, 6pm.

Seniors' Tuesday Training
Apr 9, 2013, 8:16 am

The Seniors' Tuesday Training Programme has now been agreed and is published on the Seniors' page but may also be viewed HERE.

Apr 7, 2013, 5:57 pm

After 2 different and very deserving winners in 2011 and 2012 (Anita Salter and Bob Cornwell), who will keep flying high the F&C colours and be our hero in the 2013 championship? It's a very open championship each year with a scoring card that rewards perseverance and attendance before anything else; I would not put my money on picking the 2013 winner. Picking a grand national winner may be an easier task!

Apart from our 2 races which are part of the championship each year the others have been picked out of a hat; total random selection of races within a 25 miles radius of our HQ. A very interesting and unusual list of races which will allow us to try new venues from previous years. As in previous years, you can also add a marathon to your scorecard. Please let me know if you enter one other than London and Brighton (as they are the only two that I will check for F&C runners).

  • Race 1: Fleet Half Marathon (completed)
  • Race 2: 6/5 Shinfield 10k
  • Race 3:  19/5 Hook 10
  • Race 4: 8/6 South Downs half marathon
  • Race 5: 16/6 Alresford 10k
  • Race 6: Date TBC.Bracknell forest 5
  • Race 7: 7/7 Tadley runners 10k
  • Race 8: 25/8 Englefield 10k
  • Race 9: 8/9 Maidenhead half marathon
  • Race 10:  27/10 Peter driver memorial 10k


Website looks different - it's the classic theme.
Apr 7, 2013, 8:47 am

Until issue 2477 is fixed I have switched themes to Classic rather than Bold theme. 

Its been over a year since I originally contacted support at mysportsite with an explanation as to why the BOLD theme causes pages to be rendered incorrectly.  I followed that up with a full explanation which has been accepted as a fault, but still its broke!

I spend a fair amount of my time making information available on this web site and it is most dissatisfactory when that information is obscured becuase of a missplaced/missunderstood Universal Selector in the bold themes cascading style sheet.

Hoping a fix is coming soon and we can return to the bold theme...  I have considered writing some JavaScript to correct the error inline, but I really should not need to do that.


Vacancy - Welfare Officer
Apr 1, 2013, 7:24 pm

The Junior section are looking for two volunteers to take on the role of Welfare Officers.  Ideally we are looking for one male and one female that can make themselves available at the beginning and end of training sessions fairly regularly.

Club Welfare Officers

  • The Welfare Officer’s role is to advise and support the club officers and committee to implement welfare policies and procedures and to support the club to adhere to codes of conduct and good practice.
  • The Welfare Officer’s role is to ensure that all club coaches/helpers/volunteers have completed a volunteer reference form or complied with a volunteer recruitment process and assist in this process as appropriate and to ensure that all coaches/officials/volunteers have completed DBS and Independent Safeguarding Authority checks as required and assist in this process as appropriate. 
  • The Welfare Officer’s role is to respond to suspected breaches of the Welfare Policies and Procedures that may be referred to them, in accordance with the Welfare Procedures and, to advise and support other club officers or committee members how to respond appropriately in accordance with the Procedures.
  • The Welfare Officer should report any concerns about child abuse to local children’s social care services or police immediately. If the Welfare Officer is not available, the person with concerns should report the matter to the local children’s services or police themselves.
  • The Welfare Officer should also report any concerns about child abuse to both the UKA Welfare Officer and the EA Welfare Officer and inform them what action has been taken.
  • The Welfare Officer is advised to inform the EA Welfare Officer about any concerns regarding misconduct which is not child abuse.

The Welfare Officer would need to attend training, as per England Athletics direction, that the club would pay the fees for.

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