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- J: Wessex League

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Fleet and Crookham AC are pleased to be taking part in the Wessex League for 2016, our 3rd year.

This league is open to Girls and Boys in U11, U13, U15 & U17 categories.

Further details on the Wessex league are available at Wessex Young Athletes Track and Field League

  • League Information - Includes Legue Rules & Constitution.
  • Fixtures - look for "Fleet" - or see 2016 dates below.
  • Events Timetable - On the day timetable of events.  Aim to be there 40mins before your event.

2016 DATES and locations

Click on location for track information and map (additional map in braces).

17th April @ Basingstoke (map), club 6 (Quad Kids group B)
Basingstoke MADJA Slough Waverley & Haslemere Camberley Fleet
12th June @  Woking, club 4 (Quad Kids group B)
Camberley(Woking) Waverley & Haslemere MADJA Fleet Poole AC Newbury
3rd July @ Swindon, club 2 (Quad Kids group A)
Swindon Fleet Southampton Newbury Woking Andover & Overton
17th July @ Andover & Overton (map), club 3 (Quad Kids group A)
Andover & Overton Team Kennet Fleet Slough Waverley & Haslemere MADJA


Some noteworthy rules for coaches and team manager:

  • Every competing club to submit officials declaration sheet to host club one week prior to match. This allows host club to react if there is going to be a short fall in officials. FAILURE TO SUBMT THIS SHEET WILL RESULT IN CLUB NOT BEING ABLE TO COMPETE ON THE DAY.
  • Every competing club to ensure that no athlete is allowed to compete in any event unless they have been competently coached in the event and be fully acquainted with all the rules and safety aspects of the event. Team managers to endorse this rule on every team declaration.

Under 11 restrictions

The U11's compete in a Quad Kids competition which is four events - sprint 75m, long jump, vortex throw and middle distance 600m. The allowed maximum entry is for 10 boys and 10 girls from each club.

Adults, We need your help

As a club we must provide officials and volunteers to help on each match day.  Tasks that we need help with include measuring, raking and retrieving.  We are also in desperate need of officials to help judge and record each event. 

If you are able to help please do volunteer.  These events cannot take place without your help!

 Volunteers for 2016 - Last updated 2016-03-09 











FE Team #

6 4



Field official 1

 David H  David H  David H  

Field official 2

 Stacey M  Stacey M  Stacey M  

Field official 3

 David T  David T  David T  

Field Official 4

 Alan  Alan  Alan  

Field Helper 1





Field Helper 2





Field Helper 3






Track Judge

 Ed  Ed    







Team manager Quad Kids




Team manager Girls




Team manager Boys










Data Entry





Records keeper





Records keeper





- Fleet & Crookham Field Event Duties for 2016.

  • Match 1 Team 6: 10:45 U13G LJ, 11:45 U13G DT, 14:45 U13B JT, 15:30 U13G JT
  • match 2 Team 4: 10:45 U13B SP, 11:45 U11G LG (Grp1&2), U13B DT, 14:30 U13G SP, 15:30 U13B LJ 
  • Match 3 Team 2: 10:45 U15B DT, 11:15 U16&U20M DT, 12:15 U13B HJ, 13:30 U15G SP, 15:15 U15G LJ, 16:00 U17/U20W LJ
  • Match 4 Team 3:  12:00 U15G/U17W&U20W JT, 13:30 U13G HJ, 14:30 U15G DT, 15:30 U11G vortex (Grp1&2)

Athlete Registration


To register for Wessex League with Fleet & Crookham Athletics Club please complete the online Registeration form (accessable to members only) for each match day, select from the list the three events that the athlete is eligible for.  Remember to submit a form for each match day.  Use the Events Timetable to ideally choose events that don't clash - though this is often difficult.

Age group depends on how old the competitor will be on the 31st of August in the competition year:

  • U11: must be at least eight on the day of competition and under eleven on the 31st August in the competition year.
  • U13: aged 11 or 12 on the 31st August in the competition year.
  • U15: aged 13 or 14 on the 31st August in the competition year.
  • U17: aged 15 or 16 on the 31st August in the competition year.
  • U20: aged 17, 18 or 19 on the 31st August in the competition year.

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